Our Christmas Cocktail Party went with a bang!!


So last night was our Christmas Cocktail party, celebrating Sarah & Bendrix's 8.5 years as an online business, first 6 months as a real-life shop, and three months as burgeoning creative community hub, through Inspired Collective.  It's been hectic but throroughly enjoyable and I wanted to share my musings with you...


I had a really interesting conversation last night about how men and women in business differ so much.  Now I'm a feminist (no-one in their right minds isn't, right?), a sister to 3 brothers, mother to 2 boys and wife to 1 lovely husband, so I haven't traditionally thought that women are any different to men, but I am of the school of hard knocks variety.  In fact, my favourite phrase, and indeed, our family motto, is "Man the **** up!"


So I'm wondering why it is that we women seem to need stuff like vision boards, assertiveness training, confidence-raising and the like, and I think it's because...we are ALWAYS trying to do it all.  Trying to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the most dynamic businesswoman, the caring friend, the loving daughter, the thoughtful sister...no wonder it sometimes falls apart and we run out of steam!  Added to that, (in varying degrees), the limiting self-beliefs we have, it can sometimes feel like such a huge effort to keep going.


Yet here's the thing....I LOVE working with women, because when we're trying to do it all, fit in those last few meetings before the Christmas break, make that networking thing as we really must meet new people, be more active on Insta and follow everyone back..when someone actually says 'Sorry, I can't - it's my kids play/child's ill/mum needs me", we get it.  That's ok.  There's no need to feel guilty or somehow less professional because of a personal reason we've given.  We understand what it feels like and we know, to our very core, that without the personal, there really is nothing.


So thank you to all the lovely women who so happily share their stories with us, you remind us that we are all in the same boat, that we are all doing our best, and that, you know what? that's absolutely good enough.


Also want to say a massive thank you to Tom from TattamsBar, who created some gorgeous cocktails for us last night.  He is a new business, a one-man band with a wealth of experience already, garnered from different parts of the world, a professional mixologist who's already worked with the best and is now striking out on his own.  He's a guy with a dream to open his own bar and yet, when he met with founders, they loved his concept, rated his business plan, liked his style and said...NO.  Because he was too young.  How did ridiculous is that?  So rather than take the knock-back, he decided to make it happen anyway, and I've no doubt he'll realise his dream.


So whether you're male, female, young or old, people like Tom, people like you, are an inspiration to us.  There's no reason why you can't do something new, something brave, and being surrounded by creative people, who are curious, energised and insightful, is a great way to get there!

I'll leave you with the print from our goody bag last night......

Happy weekend all!